"DOLLAR, a parish, containing a small post-town of its own name, in Clackmannanshire. It is bounded by the parishes of Glendevon, Muckhart, Fossaway, Clackmannan and Tillicoultry. Its length from north to south is about 3 miles; and its greatest breadth is about 1 1/4 mile. Its general aspect is that of a beautiful plain or valley, having the Ochils for its northern boundary, and a gently rising ground confining it on the south. The river Devon runs through it in a meandering course from east to west. The central part of the parish, in which the town is situated, forms a somewhat large and slightly sloping plain with a southern exposure, and beautifully interspersed with hamlets, farm-houses, and enclosures." from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson, 1868. "DOLLAR, the smallest of the four police burghs, is situated close to the point where the Devon enters the county. Its beautiful and healthy situation and the educational advantages afforded by the Dollar Institution combine to make Dollar a residential town rather than an industrial centre. It has extensive bleachfields. The famous engineer, James Watt, reported that the Devon might be made navigable as far as Dollar..." from Clackmannan and Kinross, J.P.Day B.A. B.Sc. 1915.